What is SageBet?

SageBet (v1) is an on-chain prediction market built on Arbitrum and Ethereum's Virtual Machine. Prediction markets are an ideal use case for a permissionless, low-latency, low-cost layer-two blockchain like Arbitrum. Our mission is to build the most efficient, reliable, and accessible prediction market available.

On SageBet you can view and make predictions on a wide range of markets like:


-World events


Many efforts have been made in the past to bring robust, deeply liquid and interesting prediction markets to DeFi but most have failed for a variety of reasons:

-The technology was too new, too few users, and too expensive

-Complex, convoluted tokenomics

-Cumbersome oracle designs

SageBet leverages Arbitrum's fast, low-cost blockchain to allow for cheap, dynamic trading and a proliferation of market options. We have done away with complicated oracles dependent on slow, tokenized solutions. See the Overviewpage for a breakdown of how SageBet works.

And see the Market and trading basics page to learn more about how to get started if you are not familiar with prediction markets and/or orderbooks.

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